Art des cordes


Welcome to my website dedicated to rope/bondage art. My bondage activity is embedded in a double context: that of a professional career of a postgraduate textile artist and that of kinky lifestyle that I live and assume fully.
In the kinky erotic/sexual context, I have never been satisfied with the existing tools and techniques -and as an artist/designer, I have been even less satisfied with art that pleases only to the eyes or to snobism. I want to create artwork that makes you horny.
I base my work on the whole range of textile structures (knots, lace, complex woven structures, knitting) that I learnt to know during my studies -including ones that are known by very few-, which I adapt to the purpose of tying up or lifting human beings. This is precisely the reason why I avoid terms like 'shibari' or 'kinbaku' when describing my work, as they represent one particular system of 'driving' rope -among many other potentially possible ones. My aim is to explore the latters. (I also admit finding it useless to try to imitate, let alone put on a posture of, the masters from the Far East when you are just not one of them.)
My research has two aspects, that of aesthetics and that of human relationships. From the aesthetical point of view, I explore structural, sculptural, kinetical or photographical problematics.
There is always an important interaction between the ropes and the bodies -without which we are not talking about bondage anymore- but my ropes can cometimes remain or pre-exist in an autonomous, self-spporting form, often similar to animalsītaken-off skins or shells. They often reach beyond the body itself, structuring the space around it through links with the objects surrounding. Other disciplines using ropes, such as acrobatics and rythmic gymnastics (to which I have a personal attachment) inspire me not to immobilise my models (subs, partners) completely but modify their movement by the rope, whether there is only one model or two people interacting between themselves -or, in the case of self bondage, create a rapport in which I influence the movement of the rope in the space just as much as it modifies mine. My choice of thick ropes comes from the same desire for equality: I prefer those ropes that do not "obey" too much, that do not bear cheating with knos and links but, in turn, show these structures in all their beauty.
From the 'human' point of view, the keywords of bondage for me are abandon (of oneself), vulnerability and confidence, and thereby the ease of being free from responsibility and 'floating' in time and space, on behalf of the person being rigged -and the power of putting the other one in this state, but also (and perhaps this is what I like most) an absolute care on behalf of the Top (the rigger). Actually, who is serving whom when my friend asks mes to scratch his/her ear because s/he cannot do it anymore, being tied up?
Perhaps it is needless to say but I am absolutely not seduced at all by the sexist macho aspect that is often present in the bondage/shibari scene. In other words: the people I rig are (or in the rare case of "bare" photo models, represent) sexual subjects, not objects.
If you are a model/bottom, photographer, artist of bondage or anything else, journalist or simply someone interested by my work, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a nice visit on my website,


*(pronounced somewhat like [er], meaning 'island' in Danish and a nice 'anti-sexist'/queer pronoun in Hungarian)